Google is Stutting Down Google+

Google+ will close on April 2, know everything about closing of Google+ 

Google+ Closing Details

The world’s largest great internet company Google announced last year’s closure of its social networking platform Google+ this step is being taken because a potential bug has been found in the account of five lakh users, which can make their data public. The company has informed that for the last 2 years a bug was in their system, which they did not know about. Due to which the data of five lakh people had been blocked in private data. That’s why the company is now going to shut down this platform.

Google New Update

The company has now updated the Google Plus side page, in which the last date for this service is being detected.The Google company had decided to shut it down Google+ in August but due to the security bug, it is now being shut down in April.Google has stated that the Consumer version of Google Plus will be closed on April 2, 2019. It is worth mentioning that the company decided to shut it down after the security of data of more than 50 million users was blocked.


Official Post by Company

In an official post, the company said, “On April 2, your Google Account and any page of Google Plus that you have created will be closed. We will start eliminating content from the Consumer’s Google Plus account. With Google Plus’s album archive, all your pages will be deleted along with your photos and videos. You can download and save your content before April. Please tell that the photos and videos will not be deleted, which you have backed up in Google Photos.

I use Google+. How can I save my uploaded content ?

First, I don’t believe you. Second, Google has a page you can visit to download all your data from Google+, and upload it to a more widely used social network, like Friendsteror Myspace.

Stopped Creation of New Google+ Account

Google also said that since February 4th, users will not be able to create a new Google Plus account on this platform. Google Plus sign in button will be replaced with the Google sign in button The company has also created a FAQ page for it, where it has answered all the necessary questions.

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