Government Announced Sex Tax – Check why

There are many types of Taxes but Sex Tax is the world’s first shocking Tax

The country’s budget is going to be presented on February 1st. In such a way, in the world about some strange and poor taxes.

The country’s budget is going to be presented on February 1. Issues such as budgets and how common man’s pockets are less burden some, issues are being discussed everywhere. But there was a time when such strange peculiar taxes were imposed in the world, which would have been a ruckus if it is applied today. Even though some such taxes still seem to be shocking today. Today, some of the same strange and poor taxes tell about the tax.

Sex Tax


We never heard of sex tax. Otherwise, let’s know that laws like Sachs Tax have been enacted in Germany. Prostitution is legal here. This law was made in 2004. Under which every prostitute has to pay 150 Euros per month. Due to this sex tax there is income of 1 million euros in a year.

Look Forward to the slides, where do the Tax on the Cow 


Tax On Cow, It May Look A Little Awesome For Any Indian But the European Union believes that global warming is being done due to the cow’s gas. According to a study, the cow uses chewing gum to digest green fodder and at this time it releases methane gas. Its share in Europe’s green house gas is about 18 percent. Many people have taxed the cow for cows because people hesitate to raise cows. A cow in Denmark costs about 7400 rupees.

Breast Tax

Sexy girl

Breast Tax, it’s a bit weird to hear, but on turning the pages of history, it shows that women in the State of Travancore were busted on the women’s tax. Tax collectors used to tax the tax according to the measurement of the breasts. The rulers of the 19th century had made this rule there that women of minor castes could not cover their body. They have to keep it open. If a woman enters her upper body, then she has to pay taxes. This practice ended with the sacrifice of a brave woman Nangali here. This lady covered her breast and cut her breast to the tax-charging officer and gave it as tax only. Nangali died, but on the next day of that incident the Maharaja of Travancore removed the tax.

Tattoo Tax


Taxes are also imposed on tattoos in America’s Arkansas. In 2005, the government imposed a tattoo on tattoo and 6 percent tax on body piercing service.

Tax on the Urinal


There was a way to collect the Urinal tax revenues. This tax was imposed by King Vespas of Rome. But his son Titus opposed it. He had to say that taxing on the urinal is wrong. He told his father that the money on the urine smells with money.

Taxes on Beard

Best beard

In 1705, the Russian ruler Peter the Great applied shave taxes. She wanted to copy Europe’s culture with a clean shave. In such cases, those who kept shaving were taxed. The bearders had to have a token with their own, which was proof that they filled the tax. For people avoiding shaving, it would have been written on the token that beard is just a burden.

Taxes on Cards

Gambling cards

Taxes are available for buying and selling cards in Alabama, Alabama, USA. The buyer has to spend 10 cents on each deck, while the seller has to pay a dollar tax. Apart from this, the seller has to pay a license fee of $ 3.

So these are the main shocking taxes which is may be announced by Indian Government on Febuary 1 .

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