Sister Marriage with Brother in Punjab – Check Why

Punjab’s young woman created marriage with brother-in-law

Bathinda, JNN People want to go abroad.People do not worry too much about marrying a real sister. Recently, such a case has come to light. To go abroad, a young girl from Baliawali married her own brother. Both of them went to a gurughar and got married. After this, she took her photo on the passport of her cousin’s sister and took it to Australia. In this case, the complicity of the entire family, including the grandmother of the girl, came to light.


The girl of Baliyanwali had put her photo on her cousin’s sister passport , fraud

After complaint the residence of  Baalswali, Bathinda Ranveer Kaur said that his Aunt (Mousi) Jaswinder Kaur, Uncle (Mousa) Buta Singh,her Cousin Amandeep Kaur, boy Jagrup Singh, Mandeep Singh and Grand Mother Duleep Kaur had put the photograph of Amandeep Kaur on her passport under a conspiracy and sent him to Australia.

The young woman told that to settle abroad, Amandeep Kaur, along with her brother Mandeep Singh, made a fake marriage in Guru Ghar. For this, his grandmother, Dalip Kaur, gave the wrong statement. He alleged that his aunt Jaswinder Kaur made him a stake holder in his bank account without asking him in a fraud and put a photograph of his daughter Amandeep Kaur in the bank’s record.


Police Investigation

According to the police, Amandeep Kaur, with the help of these papers, went to the Australia where his brother is working in Australia. ASI Dharma Singh, who is investigating the matter, told that he had complained to Ranvir Kaur of Bathinda resident. On their complaint, we have filed a case of fraud on the entire family, including relatives and siblings. The issue is under investigation.

So this is fraud Marriage Case of Brother & Sister and whole family is involved in this case in Bathinda Punjab .

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